MiniTerm-K PS/2 PS/2 LCD Keypad


The Miniterm 904-K-PS/2 is a standard keypad that lets the user edit a number on-screen before sending it to the PC.

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The Genovation MiniTerm 904-K-PS/2 is a PC keyboard interface, pin-pad style keypad. The user key data appears on the LCD and can be edited using the Clear (backspace) key. Pressing Enter sends the user input to the PC over standard PS/2 port or USB port.

This a simple, non-programmable version of our popular programmable RS-232 Serial and USB Virtual Serial Mini Data Terminals. It is designed for use in legacy systems that utilize the PS2 (AT keyboard port) interface

  • 12-Key Tactile Membrane Keypad (Sealed)
  • 1 x 16 Super-Twist back-lit LCD (Sealed)
  • 6ft USB cable with PS/2 adapter
  • Will boot PC by itself in either PS/2 or USB mode
  • Audible key beeper
  • Plug & Play, no software required
  • 1-year warranty

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