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RFID Wireless

Applications: Identification & Data Capture

What is RFID?

Radio frequency identification (RFID)  is a technology used for automatic identification and data capture.   it uses radio waves  to store, read and transfer data from RFID tags which are imbedded in items.  RFID technology can be used to track inventory, control access and authenticate products.

The Benefits of RFID Technology

  • Increased accuracy and efficiency in data collection.
  • Improved security.
  • Enhanced visibility and tracking capabilities.
  • Reduced labor costs.
  • Increased automation.
  • Ability to track real-time data.

Common Uses for RFID Technology

  • Tracking inventory and assets.
  • Warehouse management.
  • Providing access control.
  • Automated ID check in/out

Types of RFID Tags

  • Passive, tag is powered by reader.
  • Active, tag has it’s own power source.

3 Common Types of RFID Systems

Low Frequency (Avail) High Frequency (Soon) Ultra High Frequency (NA)
30 KHz to 500 KHz 3 MHz to 30 MHz 300 to 960 MHz
Range: 1 Inch Range: 3 Feet Range: 25 Feet

Genovation’s RFID Solutions

Genovation has many products that can be semi-customized with this technology. This can be implemented as a reader or writer solution or both, depending on your needs.

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