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Fitness Member Club

Applications: Membership Management
Fitness Clubs, Tanning Salons, Video Stores, Libraries, Daycare

Genovation number pads and mini-terminals are a perfect fit wherever you need to track member attendance or usage. Users can swipe a member card containing a barcode or magnetic stripe, or they can type in a PIN, ID or phone number. Genovation terminals are easy integrate into your club software. They come with standard serial cables, virtual-serial-over-USB or USB (HID).

Cerium Component Software Inc. uses the Genovation MiniTerm 904S to allow users to scan their membership cards as part of Ceriums TFW Members Attendance package.

The Fitness Option and TFW Attendance is a complete solution for the storefront fitness studio:

  • Collects attendance records through a barcode scanner, a pinpad, or manual entry.
  • Displays attendance statistics to the member scanning in.
  • Displays messages when member scans in to member and/or staff
  • Manage member contracts, renewals, cancellations, transfers, holds and suspensions, payments, payment histories.
  • Offer membership types and promotions of your choice.

With the TFW Multi-Location option, manage any number of locations from a single office

Computerease strives to make you successfull by simplifying administrative functions and allowing you to run your business your way. Their Ease-E-Club software module is used by Fitness Clubs, Health and Wellness Clinics, Co-Ed Gyms, Yoga Studios, Health Spas, Tanning Salons and Physiotherapy Clinics world wide.


  • Schedule Rooms, Equipment, Classes, Clients and People.
  • Schedule Services, Equipment, Tanning beds and rooms.
  • Track trust accounts for nursing homes and hospitals.
  • Suitable for any size facility or Hospital in Canada.

Ease-e-Club is designed to work with the Genovation 905 series of miniterminals (with or without the barcode scanner).


SunLync is a software company dedicated to meeting the needs of the indoor tanning industry. The SunLync Select product offers a total software solution including extensive implementation assistance that will allow you to network multiple salons, control your business from your preferred location with real time information, and to reduce non-value added activities while maximizing your business potential.


  • Single salon/workstation through to unlimited salons/workstations.
  • Track equipment, inventory and sales promotions.
  • Integrated Point-of-Sales with inclusive customer profiles and histories.
  • Bed manager with realistic floor plans including pictures of the salon layout.
  • Employee management and time clock system.

SunLync Select is designed to work with the Genovation line of serial numeric keypads and mini terminal PIN pads (with or without the barcode scanner).


“Founded in 1983 as a one-club operation in San Leandro, Calif., 24 Hour Fitness has grown to become a global fitness leader. Over the past 27 years, 24 Hour Fitness has opened more clubs in the United States than any other single operator and is currently the largest privately held fitness club chain. The company is widely credited with changing the industry landscape by introducing a variety of innovations including the first clubs to be open 24 hours a day and the first to introduce month-to-month and online memberships. 24 Hour Fitness has pioneered the concept of making fitness accessible, affordable and a way of life for everyone.”

In the fall of 2010 24 Hour Fitness began rolling out a Cardless Check-In system utilizing custom Genovation MiniTerm 900’s and the Morpho biometric sensor. The Genovation MiniTerm keypad allows for faster service, reduces the software burden of N:1 fingerprint matching to an instant 1:1 comparison and allows for an optional/alternate input method for members that opt-out of the biometric database.