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Airbus DS Communications has led the industry in providing mission-critical 9-1-1 emergency response and systems management solutions for over four decades. Based in Temecula California, Airbus DS Communications integrates Genovation programmable keypads into their VESTA® 9-1-1 emergency solutions because of their rugged reliable design and ease of use. In an emergency, it is critical that electronic hardware performs when it’s needed. The Genovation Controlpad series is specifically designed for these types of applications. Using the highest quality key switches (50 million operations), and a reliable combination of hardware, firmware, and software programming makes the Controlpad series perfectly suited for emergency applications. Airbus DS Communications has installed thousands of their customized programmable Controlpads when CRITICAL MATTERS®


MedStar 9-1-1 / EMS Ambulance Services (Fort Worth, TX)

Baker Audio provides another mission critical emergency 9-1-1 application using the Genovation Controlpad 682 is the Baker Audio MedStar 911 Ambulance Services systems which are installed and in use in many areas of the United States. The Controlpad 682 provides a quick and reliable way for operators to select functions and shortcuts to application windows. Baker consoles and 18 operators process over 70,000 emergency calls annually.

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Genovation programmable products are integrated into emergency 911 emergency response systems to help operators route calls quickly and save lives. A typical 911 emergency operator, shown above, uses the Genovation Controlpad 683 which has been programmed with shortcut macros to reduce a sequence of keystrokes down to a single key press and speed up the time and efficiency of emergency calls.

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