Custom Products

Customization is Standard. Genovation is the industry leader in custom design. Our product line has been designed with customization in mind. Contact our sales or engineering staff for full-custom designs or semi-custom variations of our existing products.Let us help you with your product development. Whether modifying an existing standard product or generating a totally new custom design, our unquestionable high levels of service and support ensures a cost effective and timely outcome – Right First Time!

Custom Input Devices

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Complete turnkey services:

  • Conceptual Drawings
  • Firmware
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Tooling
  • Packaging
  • Production
  • Certification assistance (UL, TUV, CE, FCC, Etc.)
  • ISO Certified offshore production plants
  • World-wide Shipping
  • Product Development Engineering

General Terms
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Custom product development Process:

  1. You submit a request for quotation (RFQ)
  2. We review RFQ and do a cost analysis and submit a quote back to you (usually within 48 hours).
  3. Upon approval of quote, you submit a PO to us.
  4. Upon receipt of PO, we begin working on your project, producing a first article (sample) and submit it to you for evaluation and approval.
  5. Upon approval of first article, we begin the full production run.
  6. Finished products are delivered to you.

Experience & Innovation

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Since its formation in 1989 Genovation has designed and produced custom products for thousands of different applications, including:

  • Micro-Terminals
  • Point-Of-Sale, Point of Service
  • Keypads & Keyboards
  • Specialized Computer Input Devices
  • Sensor Systems
  • Micro-Controllers
  • Consumer Products
  • Military Devices
  • Medical Products
  • Industrial Controllers
  • OEM Devices
  • OIT Operator Input Terminals
  • HMI Human Machine Interfaces
  • Front Panels and Control Panels

Our Staff has been awarded several dozen patents

Genovation’s principals average more than 30 years of industry experience and have made a number of significant advances in the field. Our staff has been awarded many world-wide patents for inventions relating to computer access, security, communications, instrumentation, PDA peripherals, footwear related products and consumer products.

We take pride in responding to our customer’s problems with creative and cost effective solutions.

Design & Performance

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Genovation is expert in the design and development of innovative micro-controllers and maintains complete in-house facilities for software development, CAD based electronic circuit design, printed circuit layout, and mechanical design and prototyping. Some of the products we offer are:

A family of microcontrollers including Microchip PIC, Freescale/Motorola, 8051 (various), ARM (various), Cypress and more.


We interface to everything! Common interfaces and protocols include PS/2, Serial port – RS232, RS422, RS485, Universal Serial Bus, Ethernet, Infrared, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, WirelessUSB, Modbus, MIDI, I2C, GPIO, MIDI-USB, WinUSB, HID, Weigand, etc.

We talk to computers, cameras, kiosks, PDAs, printers, digital signage, musical instruments, automation, security and control systems, POS systems, PLCs and industrial controllers, cash registers and terminals, home control, juke boxes and arcades video systems, KVMs, and many other devices.

Expansion hardware modules

  • Magnetic card readers (multi track)
  • Bar code readers (with or without decoding)
  • RFID readers
  • Biometric readers
  • Various shaft encoders, touch pads, joysticks and track balls
  • Various LCD displays, from 1 line unit to full graphic, including touchscreen
  • Various LED and OLED feedback indicators to customer specifications
  • RTC real time clocks (time of day) for time-stamping and logging
  • Temperature
  • Audio (prompting and/or user feedback)
  • Removable or expandable memory (USB stick, SD card, etc)

Software and firmware background

  • Downloadable software/firmware
  • The industry’s most advanced Palm and Windows CE keyboards and software drivers
  • Fully featured and very user friendly, on-screen redefinition programs
  • RS485 packetized network systems
  • Terminal emulation
  • Windows, DOS and other OS drivers
  • DES, AES and TEA encryption

Physical Construction

Many standard cases and enclosures are available in plastic, metal including custom materials and colors. Tooling can be provided to efficiently produce any quantity production runs. Internal, external and rack mounted units are available.

A wide variety of key caps

Virtually any key layout or keyboard size, key type, key cap color and size are available or can be made available. We feature vandal resistant and relegendable key caps. Keys may also be phosphorescent, illuminated, flat membrane, with or without tactile feel (polyester or metal dome construction). Products may be made spill-resistant, liquid-proof, environmentally sealed, or suitable for NEMA or MIL-SPEC rating.

Ergonomic considerations

Genovation has extensive experience in designing products with ergonomic considerations including keyboards and footswitches for the disabled and ergonomic multi-adjustable keyboards as well as keypads for use with ergonomic keyboards.


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The common denominator of Genovation’s technologies is a modular hardware and software architecture that has been developed by its staff over many years. Our proprietary family of technologies is comprised of microprocessor, computer hardware and software modules, in tandem with communication, man-machine and network interfaces.

This technology “engine” enables Genovation to design and produce products for virtually any application using pre-tested micro controller code and circuit design. Product designs that typically take months of intensive development by other companies can be designed and produced by Genovation in weeks or less. These modules are the fundamental building blocks for all Genovation’s developed products, with new modules and capability being continually developed. We believe that this approach provides great flexibility and seamless integration of technologies and components allowing us to react rapidly and efficiently to your specific needs with field-tested design.

Production &
Quality Assurance

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Genovation has established a “virtual” manufacturing capability by forming close relationships with several firms that specialize in manufacturing operations. Thus, small orders will be produced in our own facility. Larger production runs may be produced, under our supervision, either locally or in our offshore plants. This arrangement allows us to optimize production, pricing and schedules to our customer’s needs regardless of the size of the production run.

We can also provide agency approvals, including FCC, CSA, TUV, CE and UL.

We also offer very low cost offshore production service to produce customer products using US manufacturing and QC management. Let us quote your product in our ISO 9002 Far East plant for low cost, high quality production of your product.

From Concept to Reality

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Genovation can assist in the conversion of concepts and ideas into accurate specifications for purposes of quotation. Then based on the specifications, provide accurate and complete quotations including tooling and production. Genovation can provide production in any quantity at world-class competitive pricing including warranty and extended warranty provisions.

Partial Customer List

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(Alphabetical order)

Accounter Systems, Advance Video Products, Alkar Dairy Equipment, American Hoffman, Arkenstone, Boeing Defense & Space, CAE – Link, Cessna Aircraft, Chemical Bank, Commerce Clearing House, CompuHelp, Concurrent Computer, Control Design, Cubic Toll Systems, Digital Equipment, Dupont – NDT, E.F. Johnson, Editing Machine, Emed, Everex Systems, Eycon, Firearms Training, Fujitsu, Gateway Ticketing, General Motors, GTE, Hertz, Hughes Aircraft, IBM, Kalidor, Lartec Systems, Leeds & Northrup, Lifetouch Studios, Litton Industrial Automation, Lockheed, M.E. Cunningham, Mid South Data Systems, Miller Dial, MovieFone, Northern Telecom, Paltex International, Parco, Parsec Systems, Pavement Management, Peco Energy, Performance Factors, Pioneer Research, Polaroid, Positek, Procter & Gamble, Quotron, Sandvik, Seamco Systems, Sanyo, Siemans, Smith Drilling, Sola Optical, Stenocat, Storage Technology, TDC Electronics, TEC America, Telcom Technologies, Texas Instruments, The Revenue Markets, Thunderseat, U.S. Air Force, Wahlco, Wesson International, Westinghouse, Wisconsin Electric Power


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In Vehicle Keypad
Wireless Keyboard IR
PDA Thumbboard

Mstech-eyes LCD Keyboard Terminal
Keyboard Encoder
Backlit Cherry Keyboard

Custom Keyboard Controller
Custom PC Keyboard
Dry Cleaning Custom Keyboard

Video Editor Controller
PLUM Custom Keyboard
Online Trading Keyboard

Membrane Keyboard
Backlight Control Panel
PDA Keypad

Video Editing Console
Custom Keyboard
Custom Keypad

Custom Keyboard
Backlit E-Switch
LCD Terminal Keyboard

iPaq keyboard
Custom Keyboard Cover
POS Keyboard LCD Card Reader

Cherry MX Key Caps
PDA Mouse Rubber Keys
Custom Keypad Bump-Bar

Wall-Mount Control Panel Switches with LEDs
Serial PDA Keyboard
Custom Key Caps

Dry Cleaning Computer Keyboard
Lockheed USPS Keyboard
Wireless Keyboard IR

Custom Keyboard
Custom Control Panel
POS Keyboard

POS Keypad
Dry Cleaning Keyboard
Magnetic Card Reader

LCD Keypad Card Reader
Assistive Input Device
Keyboard PCB

Rubber Keypad
Custom Keys
Ergonomic Keyboard

Military Operator Panel
Custom Keycaps
Back-lit Keyboard

Keypad Manufacturing
Keyboard Manufacturer
POS Pinpad

Custom Accounting Keypad
Custom Key Caps
Custom Membrane

Front Panel
Video Controller
Custom Key Printing

Custom Keyboard
Custom Legends
Custom USB Keyboard

Micro Data Terminal
Custom Keyboard
E-Trading Keypad