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Audio/Video Control

Applications: Audio, Video, Broadcast and MIDI Control
Digital signage and media control, AV editing and production

Genovation number pads and mini-terminals are a perfect fit for controlling audio, video, DJ and broadcast devices or control surfaces that accept USB, RS232 or MIDI command inputs.

Our MiniTerms are programmamble which means you can pre-program command sequences into each key. Multiple key levels allow for a lot of functions in just a little desk space. They come with standard RS-232 serial cables and USB cables. They speak RS232, virtual-serial-over-USB (Virtual COM), MIDI and USB Keyboard (HID).

Sibelius is the world market leader in software for writing, teaching and publishing music. It specializes in creating and distributing innovative, high-quality software that is easy to use. With products for composition, coursework, testing, reference, playback, publishing, authoring and e-commerce, Sibelius covers every aspect of music.

Sibelius music notation software is used by professionals, amateurs and students to compose, print and listen to music. The user interface is powerful, yet intuitive. Genovation’s MicroPad 630 and MicroPad 631 numeric keypads as well as ControlPad 683 programmable keypad are ideally suited to helping composers get the most out of Sibelius

Daktronics is recognized worldwide in its industry as the leading designer and manufacturer of electronic scoreboards, programmable display systems, and large screen video displays using light emitting diode (LED) technology.

The Venus 7000 display controller integrates with the V-Link® video processor to form a complete game day production solution for LED video, fascia and message center displays. The controller puts users in control of entire display networks delivering live video, custom animations and real-time data to a wide variety of Daktronics displays.

The image at the left shows the recommended layout for a MiniTerm 900 configured for a Venus 7000. If you click the image you can download the ZIP files, extract them into yourMiniTermPro/Macro Files directory. Request document “GenoVation Keypad Instructions – ED-18578.doc” from Daktronics for more information.

AGN Professional (AGNPRO) delivers innovative out of the box digital signage systems and specialty LCD displays to commercial and industrial markets. Their digital signage products include the miniBoxTM line of solid-state digital signage media players in standard and high definition with optional online central management as well as the oneBox HDTM dynamic digital signage appliances with built-in multi-zone web-based content authoring, display system and content storage all in a single plug and play box.

The miniBox SD150 and SD250-N support playlist control via a built-in RS232 serial port. The Genovation 623 and MiniTerm 9xx series are ideally suited since the miniBox is designed to work with Genovation’s keypads right out of the box.


  • Small to large scale content distribution. Deliver frequently-updated dynamic content to remote locations. Schedule content changes to the exact minute.
  • RS-232 port and built-in drivers interface with touch screens and keypads.

Interactive Features

  • RS-232 and USB ports provides ability to integrate with external devices and systems
  • Genovation Keypads

Easescreen is best described as Presentation-Management-Software because it provides an easy tool to present your company in modern design and completely remote controlled at an unlimited number of ‘Points of Visualisation’ (POVs). easescreen gives you the freedom to illustrate every type of presentation, integrate other inputs such as “Live”-TV, Teletext, radio or CD, and schedule it to run in any desired order – locally in the foyer as well as in branches hundreds of kilometres away.

Controlled events can switch between various “statuses” directly on the POV-Client – thereby, various contents can be switched or triggered, for example through serial interface. The Genovation MiniTerm 9xx series is ideally suited to this control operation. You can easily embed one in a kiosk or other POV and easily setup the packet delimiters to operate easescreen.

In addition the Genovation ControlPad 683 is the perfect tool for creating one-key shortcuts to all of your favourite features while composing your content in easescreen on your PC.