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Genovation has developed a unique standardized technology that reduces virtually any application that requires a microcontroller to low-cost, proprietary electronic hardware and software modular building blocks. This enables the company to design and produce products for virtually any application or market using essentially the same basic microcontroller code and circuit design.

Product designs that typically take months of intensive development by teams of engineers can be designed and produced by the company in a few weeks with great savings in cost and time and with the confidence that the end product will meet specifications.

* Genovation is a world-leading manufacturer of accessory keypads for portable computers, PDA computers and desktop computers.

* Genovation designs and manufactures specialty keyboards and terminals for Point-Of-Sale (POS) systems.

* Genovation designs and manufactures custom data input devices and micro-terminals for commercial and industrial applications and provides a line of easily modifiable standard devices for low cost fast turn-around.

* Genovation can provide full custom products to exact customer specifications.

* Genovation designs and manufactures data input devices for industrial control, machine control, medical instrumentation, military, aerospace, banking, accounting, stock brokerages, trucking, entertainment industry, etc.

* Genovation also offers high volume low cost ISO 9002 product assembly in China and medium volume production in Taiwan for any customer product. Genovation’s production management, QC and large-scale production capabilities and pricing are unbeatable.

Genovation is currently a privately held California corporation.